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Miniature Saltwater Ecosystems


Posted by Paul Roncal on January 19, 2014. 0 Comments

When encountering a saltwater tank people notice the lighting to be different than regular household lights. They tend to be of a very bright quality, and sometimes lean toward a more blueish color. On the other hand, the ocean receives full sunlight which includes all spectrum of light and other spectrum such as UV. The corals of the ocean receive only a certain range of the spectrum provided by the sun, because the water of the ocean acts like a barrier, filtering different spectrum has it goes deeper underwater. The spectrum that reaches the corals are what saltwater aquarium hobbyist try to provide to maintain a healthy reef.


There are several types of lights encountered in the saltwater hobby. Each type of light has their positives and negatives, listed here are the three main type of lights encountered in the hobby.

LED (Light-emitting diode). This is the newest type of...

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