Saltwater aquarium maintenance

Saltwater aquarium maintenance is usually broken down into four broad categories:

These four basic subjects are covered extensively in books and forums. The above links have a basic summary of each category and is not exhaustive on the subjects. It is highly suggested to familiarize yourself with the topics to understand and to troubleshoot with other saltwater hobbyists.

PJ reefs maintenance requirements

What are the general maintenance requirements?

1) Maintain temperature between 70°-83° Fahrenheit. No drastic changes.
2) Saltwater change every 3-6 months, preferably 3 months.
3) Addition of pure water every month or so to compensate for evaporation.
4) No over addition of corals and animals.

How long should the light be on?

The light should be on 4-6 hours and off 18-22 hours initially to acclimate the ecosystem to the new environment. It should be gradually increase to 8 hours on and 16 hours off over the course or 1-2 months.

Can I use another type of light instead of the one provided?

The light provided with the PJ reef has been tested for corals that are sold through our website. It provides an optimal spectrum and intensity for corals PJ reef sells. Other lights will work but we don’t guarantee it.

How do I change the water?

There are several methods of changing water from small siphons, to using turkey basters, or simply pouring it out. When REMOVING water from a PJ reef one must remember to add saltwater. When water EVAPORATES one must put RO/DI water. These two types of water are sold at PJ reef and are of very high quality. You can also find these water at local fish stores but quality will vary from store-to-store.

How do I add corals?

Corals that are sold from PJ reef are safe to put into a PJ reef ecosystem. It is suggested that no more than 3-5 corals be put into the PJ reef ecosystem. Corals will be already on pieces of rocks and can be easily positioned with a little bit of aquarium putty and super glue or can be laid over the desired position.

Can I add a fish?

Currently no fish are suggested for the PJ reef. Maybe in the near future larger PJ reefs might be able to keep very specialized fish.

My local fish store says it is impossible to have such a small saltwater aquarium, is this true?

Nano and pico aquariums are misunderstood among some aquarium enthusiast. The thought that smaller saltwater aquariums are not possible is still a very common misconception. Careful planning are required for smaller as well as larger aquariums, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of a PJ reef is that the plan as already been laid out, so that you can enjoy your saltwater aquarium immediately.

Cost, Shipping, and Handling

What is the initial cost of a PJ reef?

The initial cost of a PJ reef ranges from $150-$250 dollars.

How much does a PJ reef cost to maintain?

Due to a PJ reef miniature size, the cost to maintain one is about $15 dollars every 3-6 months. This cost includes electricity, water changes and food.

How much is shipping and handling cost?

Shipping is calculate by weight, volume and type of service. PJ reef ecosystems are shipped overnight only.


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