Corals and different organisms live in a wide range of temperature. Some of these animals have specific ranges while other will tolerate a wide range. Unfortunately some stores carry some species that are not suitable for a normal saltwater aquarium and require special equipment to cool down water temperature.


Most species that are offered for sale in pet stores are tropical species that will thrive in 75°-80° Farenheit or 23.9°-26.6° Celsius. Some hobbyist will vary this temperature range by a few degrees. It is very important not to drastically change the temperature of the tank in a short period of time. Gradual temperature change can be better tolerated than drastic ones, and a change of a degree or two during night and day is tolerable for several species. Some species can tolerate even wider temperature changes. More demanding species will require a very stable temperature.

In summary, temperature is very important for the health of corals and organisms of the ocean, through careful research one can find suitable species for different types of saltwater tanks.