PJ reefs Magnetic Artemia Feeder

Unlike other live aquarium food, PJ reefs Magnetic Feeder is the simplest way to feed saltwater fish live food (Artemia).

  • No special storage needed.
  • Live food (Artemia) continuously hatch over a 12 hour period.
  • Comes with 2-3 month food supply.

      Makes feeding live food relaxing and stress-free.

      The magnetized artemia eggs can be stored in a dry and cool location. When you are ready to use them, pour a little bit on the PJ reefs magnetic feeder, and place it on the surface of the water line. It is that simple. 

      After 18 hours you begin to see the first live artemia hatch. You'll see your fish quickly consume the live food that leaves the feeder. After 24 hours you can rotate the magnet and get more eggs to hatch that were outside the water line.  Sit back and relax while you see your fish excited about eating live food.

      Features and Benefits

      INVE magnetized artemia cysts allow for easy separation of artemia nauplii

      Chemical free separation of shell and nauplii

      Highly automated

      High yield 85% artemia hatch rate

      Nauplii of greater viability and vitality

      Recently hatched artemia is a nutritional part of a saltwater fish diet.

      The artemia that hatch has an embryonic yolk sac that contains beneficial nutrients. Zooplankton is the building block of the oceans reefs. The faster the Artemia are consumed the more energy is transferred. Because the PJ reefs Magnetic Feeder immediately removes the eggshell, the nauplii are at their optimal nutritional profile.